What is the principle and application of TOF lenses? What are the manufacturers of TOF lenses? What are the prices of TOF lenses?

What is the principle and application of TOF lenses? What are the manufacturers of TOF lenses? What are the prices of TOF lenses?

一.What is a TOF lens ?

The TOF lens is generally a three-dimensional deep-sensing lens, which has basic functions such as depth measurement, bone recognition, and motion capture. TOF is just the abbreviation of the technical name, English is “Time-of-flight”, which is directly translated as “flight time”. The sensor emits modulated near-infrared light, normally IR850 ± 10nm @ T> 90%, FWHM = 40 ± 5nm, 350-1100nm @ T <1%, When reflecting after encountering an object, the sensor calculates the time difference or phase difference of light emission and reflection to convert the distance of the scene to be shot to generate depth information. In addition, combined with traditional camera shooting, the three-dimensional outline of the object can be represented in different colors to represent the topographic map of different distances.

 二.TOF lens main application industry

  TOF brings revolutionary changes to machine vision. The effective depth information point of TOF reaches 300,000. After obtaining the 3D model through the depth information, it can be applied to many industries. Such as autonomous driving, robots, automated equipment, medical monitoring, drone obstacle avoidance, etc.

三.TOF lens major manufacturers and Chuangan Optics TOF lens layout

1. At present, TOF lenses of Sunny Optical and United Optoelectronics are mainly used in mobile phones and other fields.

2. The layout of Chuangan Optics on the TOF lens is mainly used in the non-mobile phone industry. Chuangan Optics has carried out preliminary design and production on TOF lenses, which are mainly used in depth measurement, bone recognition, motion capture, and automatic driving. Existing products are designed for large flux such as F1.1 F1.2, with infrared narrow-band filter, such as IR850nm or IR940nm.

It is understood that the TOF lens models currently in mass production are as follows

CA3450A f2.8mm F1.2 1/3 ”IR850nm
CA3450B f2.8mm F1.2 1/3 ”IR940nm
CA3451A f3.6mm F1.2 1/2 ”IR850nm
CA3451B f3.6mm F1.2 1/2 ”IR940nm
CA3452A f3.3mm F1.1 1/3 ”IR850nm
CA3452B f2.3mm F1.1 1/3 ”IR940nm
CA3453A f3.9mm F1.1 1/3 ”IR850nm
CA3453B f3.9mm F1.1 1/3 ”IR940nm
CA3454A f3.3mm F1.1 1/3 ”IR850nm
CA3454B f2.3mm F1.1 1/3 ”IR940nm

Chuangan Optics can be tailored according to customer needs to meet different application fields.

四.TOF commonly used chips:

According to the characteristics of TOF industry application, the recommended matching chip models are as follows






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