The Main Features of M6 M7 M8 Lens

The Main Features of M6 M7 M8 Lens

  1. The miniature M5/M6/M7 lenses adopt glass-plastic hybrid design, to meet the optical requirements of low distortion, large depth of field and high resolution.


  1. Meet different project requirements, with various sensing area: 1/9”, 1/6”, 1/5” and 1/4” etc.


  1. Adapt to different mounts: M5*P0.25, M6*P0.35, and M7*P0.35 etc.


  1. Application: scanning recognition, medical application, face recognition, vehicle, Sport DV, bio-identification, video conference and so on.


5.Suggested sensor solutions: OV7725 and OV9282.

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