Do you know the characteristics and application of skin detection lens?

Do you know the characteristics and application of skin detection lens?

1. What is the skin detection lens?

It is the front-end optical equipment used to detect the skin. It is mainly used in beauty and medical treatment. There are desktop, pocket-sized, TV-specific, computer-specific, single-function, and multi-function comprehensive test.

2. Skin detection lens type

Skin detector lens, hair detector lens, microcirculation lens, hair follicle detector lens, tooth detector lens, etc.

3. Features of skin detection lens and microscope lens

  • Use high resolution to ensure high definition of image and stable optical performance
  • It can meet different interface modes, M12, and can customize differentiated interfaces.
  • Multi-layer AR film with high transmittance, using ultra-low dispersion lens imaging design.
  • Compact structure, adopting all-metal, all-glass design structure and appearance, and personalized appearance can be customized.
  • There are various options, it can meet different sensor size: 1/3″, 1/4″, 1/5″, 1/7″ etc.

4.What items can the skin tester check?


  • Skin pathological diagnosis: detect all pathologies of facial skin and simulate skin aging after 3 to 5 years.
  • Identify sensitive areas: identify sensitive areas and areas of the face, focusing on analysis of sensitivity, inflammation, red blood streaks, acne.
  • Check for wrinkles: simulate the condition of rejuvenation of wrinkles and different degrees of aging.
  • Detection of pores: AI technology is used to identify large facial pores and their number.
  • Detection of stains: Identify the distribution and area of facial stains, and simulate the future growth trend of stains.
  • Detect blackheads: Identify the distribution and quantity of facial blackheads through AI technology.
  • Analysis of oil quality: analysis of oil, skin care product residues, fluorescent agents, heavy metals, etc.

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