What is M12 Lens?

What is M12 Lens?

1.What is M12 lens?

An M12 lens is a type of lens commonly used in small format cameras, such as mobile phones, webcams, and security cameras. It has a diameter of 12mm and a thread pitch of 0.5mm, which allows it to be easily screwed onto the camera’s image sensor module. M12 lenses are typically very small and lightweight, making them ideal for use in compact devices. They are available in various focal lengths and can be fixed or varifocal, depending on the application requirements. M12 lenses are often interchangeable, allowing users to switch between lenses with different focal lengths to achieve the desired field of view.

2. How to focus an M12 lens?

The method for focusing an M12 lens may vary depending on the specific lens and camera system being used. However, in general, there are two main ways to focus an M12 lens:

Fixed focus: Some M12 lenses are fixed focus, meaning that they have a set focus distance that cannot be adjusted. In this case, the lens is designed to provide a sharp image at a specific distance, and the camera is typically set up to capture images at that distance.

Manual focus: If the M12 lens has a manual focus mechanism, it can be adjusted by rotating the lens barrel to change the distance between the lens and the image sensor. This allows the user to fine-tune the focus for different distances and achieve a sharp image. Some M12 lenses may have a focus ring that can be rotated by hand, while others may require a tool, such as a screwdriver, to adjust the focus.

In some camera systems, autofocus may also be available to automatically adjust the focus of the M12 lens. This is typically achieved using a combination of sensors and algorithms that analyze the scene and adjust the lens focus accordingly.

3.What is the difference between M12 mount lenses and C mount lenses?

M12 mount and C mount are two different types of lens mounts used in the imaging industry. The main differences between M12 mount and C mount are as follows:

Size and weight: M12 mount lenses are smaller and lighter than C mount lenses, making them ideal for use in compact camera systems. C mount lenses are larger and heavier, and are typically used in larger format cameras or industrial applications.

Thread size: M12 mount lenses have a thread size of 12mm with a pitch of 0.5mm, while C mount lenses have a thread size of 1 inch with a pitch of 32 threads per inch. This means that M12 lenses are easier to manufacture and can be produced at a lower cost than C mount lenses.


Image sensor size: M12 mount lenses are typically used with small image sensors, such as those found in mobile phones, webcams, and security cameras. C mount lenses can be used with larger format sensors, up to 16mm diagonal size.

Focal length and aperture: C mount lenses generally have larger maximum apertures and longer focal lengths than M12 mount lenses. This makes them better suited for low light conditions or for applications where a narrow field of view is required.

In summary, M12 mount lenses are smaller, lighter, and less expensive than C mount lenses, but are typically used with smaller format image sensors and have shorter focal lengths and smaller maximum apertures. C mount lenses are larger and more expensive, but can be used with larger format image sensors and have longer focal lengths and larger maximum apertures.


4.What is the maximum sensor size for the M12 lens?

The maximum sensor size for an M12 lens is typically 1/2.3 inch. M12 lenses are commonly used in small format cameras that have image sensors with a diagonal size of up to 7.66 mm. However, some M12 lenses may support larger sensors, up to 1/1.8 inch (8.93 mm diagonal), depending on the lens design. It is important to note that the image quality and performance of the M12 lens can be affected by the sensor size and resolution. Using an M12 lens with a larger sensor than it is designed for may result in vignetting, distortion, or reduced image quality at the edges of the frame. Therefore, it is important to select an M12 lens that is compatible with the sensor size and resolution of the camera system being used.

5、What are M12 mount lenses used for?

M12 mount lenses are used in a variety of applications where a small, lightweight lens is required. They are commonly used in small format cameras such as mobile phones, action cameras, webcams, and security cameras. M12 mount lenses can be fixed or varifocal and are available in various focal lengths to provide different fields of view. They are often used in applications where space is limited, such as in automotive cameras or drones.


M12 mount lenses are also used in industrial applications, such as machine vision systems and robotics. These lenses can provide high-quality imaging performance in a compact package, making them ideal for use in automated inspection systems or other applications where precise measurements are required.


The M12 mount is a standardized mount that allows M12 lenses to be easily attached and removed from camera systems. This allows users to quickly swap out lenses to achieve the desired field of view or adjust the focus distance. The small size and interchangeability of M12 mount lenses make them a popular choice in many applications where flexibility and compactness are important.


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