Some Applications of Telecentric Lens

Some Applications of Telecentric Lens

1.Measurement of Mechanical Parts

The most common application of telecentric lens is measuring the dimensions of some precise mechanical parts, such as springs, screws and nuts etc.

2.Measurement of Plastic Parts

Another main application of telecentric lens is measuring plastic parts like rubber seals, O-rings, plastic caps and so on. Since these plastic parts are easy to be deformed when moving and measuring, so it is hard to utilizing traditional measurement method. In this case, non-contact optical measurement technology is a good choice.

3.Measurement of Electronic Elements

Many electronic elements such as resistors, transistors, and integrated circuits require a small telecentric lens to check their integrity, dimension, specification, position and deflection of pins. For other electronic products like transistors and IC circuits, we can use telecentric lens to measure their dimensions and the position of connection points.

4.Measurement of Glass and Medical Parts

Many pharmaceutical glasswares such as small bottles, capsules and tube-shaped bottles, are generally measured with a telecentric lens to ensure them in a complete sealing environment and prevent the glassware from damage. There are similar applications in beverage manufacturing such as measurement of the thread line of glass bottle neck. Other passive medical decices such as syringes also require telecentric lens for detection.

5.Other Special Application

Telecentric lens can also be used in the following application:

a.particle measurement

b.high precision color measurement for printing industry

c.photolithographic coating measurement

d.filter control

e.blood analysis and cell counting

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