Advantages of Using AGV for Automatic Parking

Advantages of Using AGV for Automatic Parking

The most obvious feature of smart parking garages is unmanned and automation, which mainly depends on automatic parking robots to realize parking automation. These kind of automatic parking robots are also called Automated Guided Vehicle, that is AGV. The use of AGV plays a crucial role in smart parking garages and brings obvious advantages for smart parking garages.

First of all, use of AGV saves parking space and maximizes the value of parking lots. After adopting AGVs, the distance between cars is carefully controlled by robot, which is capable of dividing more parking spaces in the same parking area and maximizes the role of parking lots.

Secondly, use of AGV speeds up parking efficiency and improve the parking capacity of parking lots in a great sense. With AGV, Car owners don’t need to spend time to look for parking spaces and pick up cars. AGV can finish automatic parking and car fetching within a few minutes, which greatly improves the operation efficiency and parking capacity of the parking lot.

Lastly, it ensures the safety of parking and reduces disputes and losses in parking lots. As AGV robots generally adopt unmanned operation, people in the garage can’t get close to the parked vehicles. Thus, apart from fault of robots, there is almost no damage and property loss, which avoids the potential man-made threats greatly and reduces parking disputes.

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