Use of Smart Parking Garages in China

Use of Smart Parking Garages in China

With the overflow of sharing bikes, the parking problem in cities is getting more and more serious. Smart parking garages are born when people start to apply smart technology into parking issues.

In 2017, Confucius Temple in Nanjing, Longgang District in Shenzhen and Wukesong scenic spot in Beijing have launched and started trial operation of smart parking garages, which is a pioneer in unmanned parking management in China. With the application of various intelligent technology including autonomous parking technology, sensor technology, card-free payment technology, automatic identification technology, big data and so on, it realizes the powerful function of one-click parking and pick-up.

Since this year, smart parking garages are becoming more and more popular. Hangzhou is planning to launch smart parking garages at the end of this year. Then, Beijing announced that Daxing airport will be equipped with smart parking buildings in 2019 and it is now installing operating equipment.

Enthusiasm for the construction and application of smart car parks across the country is being further mobilized when governments promulgated documents which encourage social capital to invest and construction of smart parking facilities. It can be foreseen that smart parking will become the standard of every city and become one of the main choices to solve the parking problem in cities.

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