What the features of automotive lens?

What the features of automotive lens?

Features of automotive lens:


  1. It cater for the monitoring needs of different large FOVs:90º’、120º、130º、150º、160º、170º、175º、180º、190º、200º、205º、360º。


  1. With various sensing area, it can meet different project requirements: 1/4”, 1/3.6”, 1/3”, 1/2.9”, 1/2.8”, 1/2.7”, 1/2.3”, 1/2”, 1/1.8”.


  1. Various mount types: M12, M10, M8, M7, M6.


  1. Application: driving recorder, front view camera, rear view camera, 360 degree surround view camera, Anti-fatigue Driving System, ADAS.


  1. Suggested sensor solutions:

OV2710, OV4689, IMX335, IMX291, AR0230, AR0140, AR0144, AR0132

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