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Some Applications of Telecentric Lens

1.Measurement of Mechanical Parts The most common application of telecentric lens is measuring the dimensions of some precise mechanical parts, such as springs, screws and nuts etc. 2.Measurement of Plastic Parts Another main application of telecentric lens is measuring plastic parts like rubber seals, O-rings, plastic caps and so on. Since these plastic parts are easy to be deformed when moving and measuring, so it is hard to utilizing traditional measurement method. In this case, non-contact optical measurement technology is a good [...]

What is telecentric lens?

Telecentric Lens is designed to correct parallax caused by traditional machine vision lens. It won’t change the magnification of image within a certain range of object distance, which is an important application in cases where the object is not on the same surface. Due to its unique parallel optical path design,telecentric lens has been favored by machine vision applications which have strict requirements for distortion. The main application of telecentric lens is precision measurements. In a precision measurement system, there [...]