CA3712A Low Distortion 15.7mm 5MP M12 Microscope Lens for 1/1.7″ and 1/3″ sensor Skin Tester


CA3712A Parameter

EFL(mm) 15.7mm
Image Circle(”) 1/3″-1/7”
F.No customizable
FOV Reference chip
FOV 11.43mm-32.43mm
Dimension Figure(Ф×L) ф13.0*L23.57mm
Weight 5.6g
Mount Type M12*P0.5

CA3712A Application Field

1. Stem cell microscopic zoom lens

2. Yeast analysis microscope zoom lens

3. Microscopic zoom lens developed by algae

The microscope zoom lens developed by Chuangan Optoelectronics takes pictures through the front-end optical lens, and combines software for image processing and AI analysis to meet cell counting and live detection. It is widely used in the practical application of stem cell, yeast analysis, blood test, and algae research technology.

Microscope lens application principle

After the lens is aligned with the recognized object and the focus is clear, the zoom function of the object is realized by changing the size of the object image distance, so as to realize the recognition function of recognizing the photographed object.

What microscope heads does Chuangan Optoelectronics have

The layout of Chuangan Optoelectronics on the microscopic zoom lens is based on cell counting, live detection, and the front-end lens optical lens requires microscopic function + high pixel + high magnification, which is widely used in the actual research technology of stem cell yeast analysis blood examination algae research technology application.

A variety of lenses have been produced, such as:

CA3710A f15.3mm Support 1/3″- 1/7″ target surface chip

CA3711A f17.8mm supports 1/3″-1/7″ target surface chip

CA3712A f15.7mm supports 1/3″-1/7″ target surface chip

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