CH2503B: 1/3” F0.98mm HFOV225 Degrees M12  Fisheye Lens

CH2503B: 1/3” F0.98mm HFOV225 Degrees M12  Fisheye Lens

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Product Description

CH2503B: 1/3” F0.98mm HFOV225 Degrees M12  Fisheye Lens

Model No. Sensing Area Focal length Mount FOV(H) Distortion Aperture Dimension Weight
CH2503B 1/3″ 0.98mm M12 225° <-81% F2.8 14.0*13.10  4.4g

Just as its name implies,1/3’’ Series Fisheye Lenses were made for camera with 1/3” or smaller sensors. Among the lenses of this series, CH2503 provides a ultra wide angle of view as 225 degrees well beyond a normal field of view and comes with two types of mount-M8 and M12. Its compact dimension-ф14.00*L13.10mm makes it perfect for applications in smart home, like motion sensors, entry sensors, video doorbells etc, where there’s always limited room for lenses.

CH2503 is designed to provide a maximum ф3.1mm image circle. In combination with a 1/3 inch sensor, such as OA4689, fisheye lens CH2503 produces a circular image like this →. These lenses are composed of glass optical lenses and metal housing, therefore they can work under extreme high and low temperature. They are designed and used in a variey of applications including 360VR, Vehicle surround view, industrial applications,etc. With or without IR Filter options are available for all these lenses. And there are a wide range of filters to choose from.



Comparison chart

model CH2503 CH3596 CH3635
Image Circle ф3.1mm ф3.6mm ф6.0mm
EFL 0.98mm 1.3mm 1.8mm
TTL 14.85mm 13mm 14.80mm
F.O.V 225°225°225° 220°130°230° 155°125°190°
Mount Type M8/M12 M12*P0.5 M12*P0.5
Lens Structure 6G 6G+1MO 6G


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