CH3536B 12mm 1/1.8″ F8.0 M12 Scanning Lens

CH3536B 12mm 1/1.8″ F8.0 M12 Scanning Lens

  • Compatiblefor 1/1.8’’ Image Sensor
  • Support 4K resolution
  • 8 – F5.6 aperture (customizable)
  • M12 Mount
  • IR cut filter optional


Product Description

CH3536B 12mm 1/1.8″ F8.0 M12 Scanning Lens

Model No. Sensing Area Focal Length Mount FOV(H) Distortion Aperture Dimension Weight
CH3536B 1/1.8″ 12mm M12 32 <-0.2% F8.0 15.3*19.45 6.5g

1/1.8” series scanning lenses is designed for 1/1.8” imaging sensor, such as IMX178, IMX334. The IMX334 is a diagonal 8.86mm CMOS active pixel type solid state image sensor with a square pixel array and 8.42M effective pixels. This chip has low power consumption. High sensitivity, low dark current and no smear are achieved. This chip suitable for surveillance cameras, FA cameras, industrial cameras. Number of recommended recording pixels: 3840(H) *2160(V) approx. 8.29Megapixel. And Unit cell size: 2.0μm(H) x 2.0μm(V).


ChuangAn Optic’s 1/1.8” scanning lenses with different iris (F2.8, F3.0, F4.0, F5.6…) and filter option (BW, IR650nm, IR850nm, IR940nm…), it can adapt to different requirements of depth of field and work wavelength. If the iris of stock version cannot meet your needs, we also provide the customized service.


This 1/1.8” series scanning lenses can used on industrial scanning system, to read low-contrast QR codes on substrates such as metal plates, castings, plastics and electronic components.


Especially in industrial line identification: laser etching marking, etching marking, inkjet marking, casting marking, casting marking, thermal spray marking, geometric correction, filter correction.

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