3.6mm 1/2.5″ F2.6 DFov94 degree M12 Mount for OV4689 Wide Angle Lens


3.6mm 1/2.5″ F2.6 DFov94 degree M12 Mount for OV4689 Wide Angle Lens

CA3651B Parameters


Model No. Sensing Area Focal length Mount FOV(H) Distortion Aperture Dimension Weight
CA3651A 1/2″ 3.6mm M12 109.4° <-26.2% F1.2 ф15.00*L18.46mm  8.5g


Application field:

Face recognition, automated equipment, depth measurement, 3D recognition, motion capture



What is a ToF camera sensor?

Time of flight is a high-precision distance mapping and 3D imaging technology. It measures the distance between the sensor and the object according to the time difference between the emission of a signal and the return of the sensor after being reflected by the object. A short pulse of infrared light, and then each pixel of the camera sensor measures the return time.


 The range finding imaging ToF camera is a very advanced lidar system, which uses a light pulse or flash to replace the standard point-by-point laser beam to achieve complete spatial perception. The camera can sense the time it takes for light to return from any surrounding object, combine it with video data, and create a real-time 3D image. It can also be used to track facial or hand movements, draw room maps, remove backgrounds from images, and even superimpose 3D objects in images.


ChuangAn’s layout in TOF lens:

Chuangan Optoelectronics’ layout on TOF lenses is mainly used in non-mobile phone industries.

ChuangAn Optoelectronics has carried out pre-design and production on TOF lenses, which are mainly used in depth measurement, bone recognition, motion capture, and automatic driving. Existing products are designed for large light flux, such as F1.1 F1.2, with infrared narrow-band filters, such as IR850nm or IR940nm.


A variety of lenses have been produced, such as:
CA3650A  f2.8mm  F1.2  1/3”  IR850nm

CA3650B  f2.8mm  F1.2  1/3”  IR940nm

CA3651A  f3.6mm  F1.2  1/2”  IR850nm

CA3651B  f3.6mm  F1.2  1/2”  IR940nm

CA3652A  f3.3mm  F1.1  1/3”  IR850nm

CA3652B  f3.3mm  F1.1  1/3”  IR940nm

CA3653A  f3.9mm  F1.1  1/3”  IR850nm

CA3653B  f3.9mm  F1.1  1/3”  IR940nm

CA3654A  f5.0mm  F1.1  1/3”  IR850nm

CA3654B  f5.0mm  F1.1  1/3”  IR940nm


If you have special needs and need to customize the lens, please contact: sales@visionlens.com


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