1/1.7″ 17.8mm M12 Low Distortion Lens for Skin Tester Microscope Lens


Sensor Size 1/4″-1/7”
EFL(mm) 17.8mm
F No can be customizad
D FOV Reference chip
BFL 20.28mm-78.78mm
Dimension(Ф×L) ф13.0*L14.35mm
Mount Type M12*P0.5


Main features

1. Skin pathological diagnosis: detect all pathologies existing in facial skin, and simulate skin aging after 3 to 5 years.
2. Identify sensitive areas: identify sensitive areas and areas of the face, focusing on analysis of sensitivity, inflammation, red blood streaks, acne, etc.
3. Check wrinkles: simulate wrinkle rejuvenation and different degrees of aging.


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