1/1.7″ 15.3mm M12 Low Distortion Lens for Skin Tester

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Sensor Size 1/3″-1/7鈥
EFL锛坢m锛 聽15.3mm
F No
BFL 13.3-39.27mm
Dimension锛埿っ桳锛 褎13.0*L19.64mm
Weight 3.7
Mount Type M12*P0.5




Main features

鈼 Object distance: 13.3-43.68mm
鈼 Match 1/3″-1/7″ image sensor
鈼 A variety of IR can be installed, such as: IR650nm, IR850nm, IR940nm, IR650-850nm/DN

Application field

鈼 Applicable to the detection of skin, hair, microcirculation, hair follicle, and tooth detector

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