Overview for CCTV lens

Overview for CCTV lens

Overview for CCTV lens:

  1. IR correction design, having good image performance even in dim light environment.
  2. Large aperture design, suitable for the use in low-light environments.
  3. Iris type: Fixed iris, Manual iris, Auto iris, P-iris.


Main features:

  1. It adopts high-resolution, infrared night vision optical design, with a variety of optical correction methods, to ensure high-definition image and stable optical performance.
  2. Adapt to different mounts:fixed M12, varifocal M12, C/CS mount.
  3. Designed with ultra-low dispersion lenselements, and high transmittance multilayer AR coating.
  4. Compact structure, using all metal, all glass design.
  5. Meet different project requirements, with various sensing area:1”, 2/3”, 1/1.8”, 1/2.5”, and 1/2.7”, with fixed and varifocal length option.



VISIOLENS’s independently developed and designed CCTV lenses are widely used in security cameras and image processing systems. They can be used in the following industries: electronic police, entrance control, intelligent transportation, smart home, supermarket and so on.

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