Introduction of gun sight lens

Introduction of gun sight lens

  • product description:

As the near-eye component of the visual optical instrument, the gun sight lens is used in conjunction with the front-end optical system. Its exit pupil is outside the lens (the pupil of the human eye acts as an aperture stop), and the light rays of the same field of view passing through the exit pupil are parallel rods. Suitable for human eye observation, it is a typical large aberration system, usually the focal length is between 15-35mm, and the exit pupil distance is 10-70mm, and the diopter can be adjusted.



  • Applications

Individual Soldier Helmet Imaging System (Low Light)

Gun sight system (visible light, low light, infrared light)

Telescope system



  • Gun sight lens features:

Long exit pupil distance: civilian products are mostly 10-20mm, military products are generally more than 30mm, and the exit pupil distance of gun sight systems is greater than 50mm.

Low distortion: Since the eyepiece is directly used for human eye observation, usually in order to preserve the geometric characteristics of the observed object without distortion, TV distortion is generally controlled below 3.5%.

Adjustable diopter: Considering the difference in the strength of different users with far and shortsightedness, and the ability to converge light differently, it is required that the back focus can be adjusted to achieve naked eye observation of different groups of people. Generally, the range of diopter adjustment is required to be from ±3D to ±5D. Wait.



  • Features of CH8041A:

The existing gun sights on the market are C/CS lens telephoto lenses, which are large in size and inconvenient to carry.

Now there are only 35mm and 50m focal lengths for S-mount lenses on the market.

For the above Chuang’an Optoelectronics specially developed the gun sight telephoto lens CH8041A: 70mm, 1/1.8”, 12MP, for day and night, the weight is only 49g.



Main parameters of  CH8041A

Type M12 Lens Resolution 8MP
Image Format 1/1.8″ Image Circle ф9.2mm(MAX)
EFL 70mm TTL 75mm
F/NO. F3.5 Dimension Figure ф29.00*L67.8mm
F.O.V(H*V*D) 6.25°3.53°7.19° OPT Distortion <-1%

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