What changes will 5G bring about in security industry?

NGMN defines 5G in this way: 5G is an end-to-end ecosystem that will create a fully mobile and fully connected society. 5G mainly includes three aspects: ecology, customer and business model. It offers a consistent service experience that creates value for customers and partners through existing and new cases and sustainable business models. As an important scene of 5G application, intelligent security will bring about what kind of changes in security ecology and business model, which is worthy of our expectation and discussion.

Today, 4G is popular, 4G applications that meet the needs of mobile data, mobile computing and mobile multimedia operations have brought about tremendous changes in various industries. In the security field, driven by 4G technology, security equipment manufacturers have introduced various kinds of wireless monitoring products and technologies which are suitable for 4G networks. And wireless video surveillance products have become more and more valued by consumers due to its convenient installation, flexibility, and high cost performance. The application of wireless video surveillance products are also more and more extensive, and the application scenarios are more abundant. However, from the current point of view, due to the large amount of video signal data and high real-time requirements, the application of 4G in the security field is limited by limited bandwidth resources and many interference factors. More importantly, home users cannot afford higher tariffs. Thus, the promotion of 4G in the field of home security and smart home is not very obvious.

With the rise of 5G networks, the tariff rate in unit traffic will definitely decline gradually. Some problems that affect the home security and smart home like signal and application promotion may be solved. Hundreds of millions of home application devices will go into average families. In other fields, with the advantage of faster wireless transmission and more rapid deployment, wireless monitoring and sensing devices will become more popular, such as in high-speed trains, automobiles, airplanes, and other mobile vehicles; in addition, high-voltage lines, highways, and environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention and oil pipelines; in the case of some inflammable and explosive dangerous field, the wireless monitoring equipment will be deployed in large quantities to effectively ensure the monitoring needs and personal safety of supervisors.

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